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Dearest Carbon family and friends,

We’ll start, as we should, by saying thank you to our clients, our community, and our employees.

Thank you for your understanding, your patience, and your grace as we all learn the ins and outs of living through a pandemic, together.

We bet, if you’re reading this, you probably have one, or both, of the following questions:

  • “Will these ‘Safer at Home’ rules affect me and my service?”
  • “What are you doing to keep me safe?”

These are questions we have as consumers, and we believe we have a duty to answer them to the best of our ability. The intent of this announcement is to address these questions, and maybe a few others along the way. Before we get started, if you would like to see the official documentation, we’ve included a link below for your convenience.

Public Health and Executive Orders

Will Safer at Home rules affect me and/or my service?

Yes, unfortunately, these rules will affect you and how your service is performed. It’s incredibly important to us that our clients understand what to expect before arriving at the salon for their appointment. Some of these may seem odd in comparison to what we’re all used to, but we promise they are in the best interest of your health, and the community’s. The following policies are now in place until further notice at Carbon Salon:

1. Please bring a mask that fits around your ears.

Clients are required to wear masks at all times in the salon. This will be one of the strange, but very important, policies.

According to the State’s orders, if a service cannot be performed with a mask, then we cannot provide that service. Plain and honest, masks are hard to come by these days, and we can’t guarantee we’ll have one for you. We strongly suggest bringing your mask to your service. If you have a bandana, or old t-shirt, here’s a link to show you how to make a mask from another great local business: How to make a mask out of a bandana

2. Social Distancing . . .

We’re sure this one doesn’t come as a surprise, but we want you to know we’re taking it seriously. We have ten stations, but during this period only five will be open in a day. This allows us to stagger our stylists/clients in a zig-zag pattern and comply with the mandatory 6 feet of separation.

You may be wondering if this will affect our scheduling capabilities, which leads us to . . .

3. Our operating days/hours have changed.

To start chipping away at our formidable backlog of guests, and to help provide as many hours as possible to our employees, we have opened our schedule to the following:

Monday - Saturday: 10 AM - 8 PM

Sunday: Availability possible upon request

If you had an appointment scheduled during our closure, we’ll be reaching out to you in the near future. We will prioritize by dates of original appointments to the best of our ability. We ask for your flexibility and understanding in the next few months, as we may need to do a bit of maneuvering to achieve this.

4. There’s no waiting room.

When you arrive for your appointment at the salon, we ask that you please wait in your car or outside. After a stylist has finished their previous service, we’ll be thoroughly cleaning the stations. As soon as the cleaning/disinfecting is finished, we’ll give you a call to let you know you can come in. Friendly reminder to remember that mask you made at home.

5. Please stay home if you are sick.

We’ll be asking a brief questionnaire to make sure you haven’t experienced any of the following symptoms:

- Fever

- Cough

- Shortness of Breath

- Other symptoms

If the answer is “yes” to any TWO of those symptoms, we will ask you to return home. We’re waiving all cancellations fees at this time.

“How are you keeping me safe?”

6. We are discontinuing our beverage service until further notice.

You may bring your own beverages, however, we cannot provide them for the time being. We apologize for the inconvenience.

7. You, and only you, will be allowed into the salon for your appointment.

A full salon is a happy salon, and under normal circumstances we love when our guests bring additional guests with them. However, to stay in compliance with COVID-19 regulations and accomodate as many guests as possible, we ask that you refrain from bringing friends or family members with you to your appointment until further notice.

All of the aforementioned policy changes have been made with your safety as our primary focus.

In addition, below is a list of other actions we are taking to keep you safe:

- All stations, tools, and implements will be thoroughly cleaned and disinfected between guests

- Employees will be wearing masks (and gloves when feasible)

- Employees have been educated on, and will maintain, CDC guidelines for cleaning and hygiene

- We have designated one “CDC Coordinator” per shift, whose primary duties include ensuring we always remain within the set specifications.

- We will be implementing “symptom monitoring protocols” for our employees and guests. For everyones' safety, this includes temperature checks and the symptom questionnaire twice a day.

Thank You

By adhering to these rules, you are allowing us to continue to provide you a service and provide some level of relief for all of our employees.

We thank you for helping to keep our community, staff, and families safe.

We hope to resume normal business as soon as possible, though this could extend for months.

We are proud to serve, and be a part of, a community that shows such resilience in trying times. We are truly inspired by your love and support.

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